Tackling UK Balcony Fires – Post-Event Summary

On 3rd December we hosted an event for architects, specifiers and contractors aimed at tackling UK Balcony Fires and reducing the fire risk on high rise residential buildings.

The all-day event was held at one of London’s most prestigious tall buildings – The Gherkin. To start the day, Sapphire hosted a roundtable breakfast discussion on reducing the incidence of balcony fires. Attended by 8 key individuals from all areas of the construction industry including architects, structural engineers, developers, a representative from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, and other industry bodies. This was an excellent opportunity for an essential cross industry discussion.

The second part of the day was a series of Thought Leadership presentations, interspersed with valuable networking sessions, allowing each delegate to discuss individual technical information.
The event attracted around 100 delegates.

The Thought Leadership presentation was split into two separate CPDs, Balcony Fires and Balcony Design.

to find out more about the behaviour of fires which have occurred on balconies read more here or book a CPD

Balcony Fires CPD
This presentation offered clarity on current fire regulations, including guidance from the recently announced Cladding Ban and its effect on balconies. It also looked at current case studies of balcony fires, explored common causes and offered design solutions to reduce the danger.

Balcony Design CPD
In the absence of a balcony specific standard we, at Sapphire have explored the thousands of pages of various regulations, and added our findings to deliver a clear understandable presentation which explores the requirements that need to be met as well as innovative solutions for balcony design

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