Our History

Sapphire was established in 1992 and we’ve had a rich history and performance since then. Our commitment to quality – in terms of service as well as product – has delivered two decades of steady growth.

Like most businesses roots, we started as a small family owned partnership based in Finchley, North London. We have now grown to be a dominant market leader and whilst operating across the UK from its Reading Head Offices and through remote regional offices.

We manufacture products through a network of reliable supply chain partners and dedicated balcony manufacturing facilities. Sapphire is still family-owned, with a personal, passionate and loyal approach being part of our identity.

From day one in the history of Sapphire, we have always worked on the philosophy of manufacturing offsite to give a high standard delivered safer and quicker. This drive which clearly distinguishes us today and the continuous research, development and innovation is channelled through this same approach.

Originally Sapphire (trading as Sapphire Systems) focused on balustrade and handrail systems and established a number of unique balustrade ranges which have become well known and respected by both customers and competitors alike. Whilst the five core balustrade systems are still offered today through our partner Regal Balustrades, our sole focus now is on revolutionising the large residential developments sector through innovative balcony systems.

From being a national balustrade market leader based across our regional network, with a passion to provide beautiful, hard-wearing products to customers who appreciate the benefits which came from the comprehensive package of support – no matter where in the UK their current project is located, we have successfully transformed the balcony market and have grown away from our roots in balustrades.

From concept to delivery, our balustrade partner, Regal Balustrades, now offers a total service including surveys, design, structural calculations, manufacture and installation support, providing the same Sapphire balustrade brands under license. We also work with a UK Small works partner and a selection of other balustrade companies around the world.

Sapphire was established in 1992 and our commitment to quality has delivered two and a half decades of steady growth.

Continued Innovation

In 2011, Sapphire Balustrades became a limited company and to enable maximum efficiency, functions were consolidated at the Reading office which became our Head Office.

As we have continued to grow strongly, a major shift into the Balcony market lead a major shift of business model and has fast lead us to become the UK market leader in balconies. With this major change, Sapphire balustrades production equipment and the stock was sold to Regal Balustrades (Sapphire’s Balustrade partner) who manufacture the same Sapphire balustrade systems under license.

After three balcony projects had been made at Reading, we soon realised that balcony production requirements need space and capacity for storage and for growth moving forward. We have therefore moved production to three locations in the UK: Winchester, Stafford, and Thetford.

The Reading facilities are now majority offices with an R&D Test Lab and storage of site equipment etc. The other balustrade production facilities no longer produce balustrades either. Banbury has relocated to office only space in Brackley. Scotland premises remain in the same location, just office space only. Hertfordshire staff now work in a number of remote offices.

We have a rich history underpinned by the same ethics from day one until now. This history has always seen the same preference of offsite production and systematising products into neatly designed quality products, delivered through excellent customer experience.

Ten years changes a lot of innovations. How have balconies changed over the last 10 years? Take a look:

Summer Lane was the first premises, then branded as ‘Sapphire Systems’.

With continued growth, Sapphire moved to Long Lane, London.

Then into larger offices and factory in Plantagenet Road, Barnet.

Sapphire Balustrades factory in Barnet.

In 2006, Sapphire spread to three regional offices. This one being Sapphire Southern in Silver Street Reading servicing South London, the South West and the South East.

Sapphire Midlands in Banbury covered the Midlands, North West London, and the North West up to Scotland.

Sapphire Eastern moved the Barnet factory further north in Hertfordshire to an out of town location near Royston.

In 2011, Sapphire Balustrades bought Scotia Handrail Systems in Peterhead which became Sapphire Scotland.

By 2009 Sapphire Southern had become the biggest part of the Sapphire Balustrades Group and moved to substantially bigger premises a mile further south in Reading.

Sapphire Head Office in Reading with balustrade factory operating lean production.

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Innovation is an inherent value at Sapphire. From our roots innovation has been a key driver in our growth...

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