Our History of Offsite Production

Ever since 1992, we’ve aimed to minimise site work by maximising offsite production.

This provides not only more controlled, traceable processes and better-quality products, but also makes the balcony installations a breeze with less coordination of trades and speedier installation.

Our balconies are made predominately in UK assembly plants, specifically laid out to suit the workflow of balcony production. These processes are key in giving each of these locations the capacity to produce several thousand balconies a year. All welding is done in accordance with weld procedures as necessary under BS EN 1090 and are covered by CE marking Certificates of Conformity.

Our balcony production facilities work closely with third party (3PL) logistics specialists, who collect and store balconies in line with site programs. This flexibility can enable clients to get a much faster flow of balconies to site than making balconies Just In Time (JIT) for their install. We understand LEAN processes and seek to drive these into our production and design.


Visit our MMC Hub for further information on our offsite manufacturing.

Install Benefits from Offsite Production

With our Glide-On Cassette balconies, we’ve been able to rapidly install over 60 balconies in a day, multiple times. Offsite balcony production enables any production constraints are smoothed by securely holding the finished balconies ready to be delivered, as required by the installation or site program.

To learn more about our Modern Methods & Offsite Innovation visit our Modern Methods of Construction Knowledge Hub

This video provides an overview of the production and assembly process all our balconies are manufactured in and the quality processes that ensure every balcony is Rigid, Ready, Right.


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