Quality and Competency

At Sapphire Balconies, we believe in the power of process. Our unique approach to quality and competency assurance stems from a comprehensive, systematic methodology. We’re dedicated to producing high-quality balcony solutions, and our project process reflects this commitment at every stage.

Our Proprietary Passport Application

Sapphire’s proprietary Passport app is a cornerstone of our project process. This end-to-end quality application captures every stage of production through photographs and requires sign-offs at each step. The result? A chronological, visual account of each balcony’s journey from creation to installation.

A Culture of Learning and Competency

Our commitment to competence is unwavering. We’ve developed an in-house Learning Management System (LMS) that not only meets but surpasses the UK’s 2023 mandatory requirements (following on from Dame Hackitt’s review). With this LMS, we can trace each balcony’s production and installation back to a specific operative, allowing us to keep a detailed record of their training and skills.

Supplier Management: The Gold, Silver, Bronze Approach

Our supply chain management reflects our dedication to high standards. We categorise our suppliers into Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers based on their quality performance over time. This tier-based system encourages our suppliers to maintain the highest quality standards, fostering a healthy competition that ultimately benefits our customers.

Thorough Quality Control and Accountability

Every balcony we create undergoes a rigorous quality control process. We engineer key components to only fit one way, reducing the risk of assembly errors. Welds are kept to a minimum and are 100% inspected by third parties, while bolts feature witness marks for verification.

Adapting from Past Challenges

Our project process isn’t just about ensuring quality and competency – it’s about constant improvement. We’re always learning from past challenges and adapting our processes to prevent recurrence. For example, Back in 2015 we implemented a visual stage-by-stage sign-off system and a change request form system after finding some factory alterations were being made without design approval. We take incidents like this as significant learning opportunities and create an internal crisis situation to push cultural and system change.

High Customer Satisfaction

Our customer-first approach is reflected in our impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 70%. We’re proud to offer a level of customer satisfaction that competes with major global brands, and we’re always striving to improve.

Our project process sets Sapphire Balconies apart from traditional construction norms. It’s a testament to our dedication to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. We’re not just delivering functional and aesthetically pleasing balconies – we’re providing peace of mind that they’re built to last

Understanding more

The approach at Sapphire Balconies offers a refreshing departure from traditional construction norms. Sapphire’s digital-first, competency-focused, and comprehensive quality system ensures each balcony is ready, right, and delivered on time.

The proof of quality and competency is in the living of them not the certificates or what we say. We understand how important this is however we do have the system certification you would expect. This includes:

  • Having ISO 9001 management systems in place since 1999
  • CE/CA Marking to BS EN 1090 across all our relevant factories.

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