What is Modern Methods of Construction?

Modern Methods of Construction is an ingenious way of tackling the modern housing crisis and saving on cost, without compromising on quality. Offsite modular construction allows the elements of a building to be constructed to the
high standards expected of a controlled assembly line environment while also being significantly faster and more efficient.

Our modular balconies are prefinished in our production facilities and stored securely until needed on site. This ensures our balconies arrive Rigid.Ready.Right. every time and allows the flexibility to adjust delivery dates as needed.

MMC may be the key to the woes of the housing shortage as well as the cost engineering requirements of developers, if it is used to its fullest potential.

What are the benefits of Offsite Production?

For developers and contractors:-

Reduces time: delivering fully assembled balcony units saves installation time on site.

Increases quality assurance: manufacturing and assembling balcony units in factory production line conditions ensures a high degree of quality control which is almost impossible to achieve on site.

Reduces costs: using offsite manufactured balconies manufactured in a dedicated plant means time and cost saving efficiencies are enabled. This method of balcony install can also reduce the duration of scaffolding on site resulting in a direct cost saving to the contractor.

Reduces risk: on site health and safety issues associated with hot works, for example, when installing traditional balconies are reduced, as is the risk of errors and potentially costly project delays due to bad weather.

Minimises storage: pre-finishing as much as possible in the factory reduces the requirement for secure storage on site – a further benefit particularly ideal for projects in city centres like London where site space can often be extremely limited.

Balcony Production Process

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