Process Management

OSQA: Onsite Safety & Quality Assurance

Onsite Safety and Quality assurance is a common promise. With Sapphire, it is a given that we deliver this too as part of the project pathway and OSQA is one of our tools to do just that.

We are committed to onsite safety and quality. To this end, we have developed OSQA (Onsite Safety & Quality Assurance), a unique scoring system for onsite health and safety reviews, quality and risk assessments.

OSQA (pronounced ‘Oscar’) is a mutual review framework that we use to assess onsite safety and quality of the balcony installers – and that they use to assess Sapphire. A set of weighted Key Performance Indicators for each side covers everything from work quality, cost and documentation through to attitude, working methods and risk assessment – with health and safety carrying the highest weighting. Fitters who score highly can earn bonuses to incentivise them to work to the highest standard all the time, on every project, while feedback on our performance is documented and acted on.

We appreciate that safety and quality are crucial to our clients and to ourselves and that is why we developed OSQA, ensuring total peace of mind across all installations.

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