Location Specific Carbon Calculator – Measuring your building heat loss

Why is heat loss reduction critical?

With more attention on the thermal performance of a building, it is continually more important to address the issue of heat loss. This need is heightened in the face of the climate crisis around the world. Thermal performance in buildings is hugely important, particularly in the drive to reduce a building’s carbon footprint in both construction and operation. The consideration of Whole Life Carbon must include the construction and occupation of residential buildings.

There are two elements to addressing and minimising thermal bridging in a building. The first is to reduce the number of connections and penetrations from the outside through to the inside The second is to question what impact those penetrations have on internal surface temperatures that could lead to mould and condensation issues.

When considering the two elements of heat loss it is critical to have an accurate understanding of average energy heat loss in your region.

What is the Location Specific Carbon Calculator?

We have produced this calculator to provide an overview of building heat loss throughout the building lifespan. Whole Life Carbon (WLC) takes into consideration what heat loss happens in a residential building when dependant on a number of different parameters.

Our location-specific carbon calculator has over 1 million postcodes and defines the energy heat loss for your region.

We understand that this process does not provide an exact overview of energy heat loss for your building, but we hope it provides an understanding of typical heat loss, which in turn enables you to have a better understanding of your buildings potential energy heat loss.

“The aim…is to reduce the heat loss per penetration as well as keeping the number of penetrations to a minimum.” Toby Cambray, Building Physicist, Engineer and Director, Greengauge

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