Sapphire Accredited: Balcony Excellence.

Our supply and support model provides our clients with the peace of mind of a choice of installers accredited by Sapphire. All accredited installers are highly trained to become experts in the Glide-On™ system with outstanding support from Sapphire.

We provide the specialised equipment and full support to installers to make sure that our balconies are not only Rigid.Ready.Right. but installed smoothly on site.

Accredited Installer Training

Balcony installer training is critical for ensuring your project runs smoothly, especially given the high-risk factors like working from heights. Despite the common nature of balcony installation on high rise residential projects, there is no specific training available with organisations like CITB suggesting carpentry, sheet metal or fenestration as alternatives.

With our breadth of balcony installation experience and multiple certified Appointed Persons and Slingers in-house, we now run our own comprehensive offsite balcony installer training. This enables operatives to learn the fundamentals of installing balconies safely and effectively.

Attendees undergo both classroom style theory training and hands-on practical training in balcony install. This includes the use of our installation innovations, for example, counterbalance lifters and internal door guarding system.

We mandate that all installers who will be fitting the balconies, whether they be Sapphire Install Partners, façade installers, metalworkers etc. undergo this training which is part of our service. After the Balcony Installer Training has been completed, we issue certificates of attendance. This should compliment the individuals industry qualifications which are necessary for their role in the install team. For example, slingers, signallers, CSCS, SSSTS, SMSTS, etc.