Balcony Frame, Deck & Soffits

Glide-on Cassette® balconies are a patented unique concept, specially developed by Sapphire incorporating the balustrade, frame, deck and soffits into one fully offsite assembled MMC product. The make it simpler, faster and more cost-effective to provide Rapidly Installed, Rigid balconies for residential projects.

The Cassette part of the balcony is the bit you walk onto so includes the surface or deck, the structure supporting the deck and connecting it to the building and the soffits underneath.

This unique concept provides a simple solution to the balconies cantilever structure incorporating in well thought through and proven solutions for drainage, rainwater and fire-resistance.

The frame of the balcony is manufactured from aluminium Class A materials and the deck & soffits are clad onto them like components added to a car chassis. They work together to allow the rainwater to drain through the balcony Cassette and into the soffits below where they act as drip trays dispursing the rainwater quickly and evenly.