Sapphire gets it Right for Berkeley’s Royal Arsenal apartments.

Sapphire has kept its promise to supply balconies Right for this high rise tower project at Royal Arsenal, London; producing a total of 588 balconies, including both projecting and inset.

The slimline Cassette® balconies used at t he Royal Arsenal apartments are designed to very tight tolerances to suit the project specification and assist rapid and rigid installation. Coupled with this Sapphire has developed specialist lifting equipment for use by fitting teams and also provides expert offsite theory and practical training as part of its comprehensive support.

Unlike traditional steel balconies that need elements such as decking and soffits added after install, Sapphire delivers a snagged, prefinished product that is ready to fit, says the Project Director of Berkeley Group at Royal Arsenal. “With Sapphire you get a complete offsite-manufactured balcony that can be installed with very little fuss,” he comments. “This pioneering approach means minimal finishing is required on site – saving time and reducing the risk of damage to apartments that are predominantly completed by this stage of the build”.

Sapphire takes its promise to supply each balcony ‘Right’ seriously investing in a number of its own trailers, specially adapted to allow double stacking of balconies to minimise vehicle movements, emissions and transport
costs. Trailers also have pre-fitted guardrails and certified slings are attached at the point of dispatch to enable quick offload without having to climb onto each of the balconies.