Sapphire Balustrades Bring Bespoke Styling to Luxury Apartments

Beautiful balconies with glass balustrades from Sapphire are part of the luxury living experience at The Filaments at Buckhold Road, a new apartment complex in south west London. Sapphire’s Crystal frameless structural glass system provides stylish balustrades around projecting metal balconies to twenty-six apartments by Mount Anvil, a Central London specialist residential property developer.

Drawing on its extensive experience in supplying high quality balustrades and balconies to the multi-occupancy residential market, Sapphire was able to incorporate bespoke design details to achieve the architect’s unique vision for The Filaments. This included working closely with the contractor to create shadow gaps in the balconies’ anodised aluminium cladding which correspond with joints in the glass infill panels to give a distinctive ribbed effect along the building façade.

Providing the perfect balance of light, visibility, and safety, glass infill panels are a popular choice for balcony balustrades, particularly in new apartments. At The Filaments, Sapphire supplied and installed over 280 metres of Crystal glass balustrading complete with stainless steel capping. The frameless balustrades span the width of the building, creating a clean, continuous line of glass, uninterrupted by upright posts. Individual apartment balconies are separated by etched glass privacy screens, also by Sapphire. All balconies were manufactured offsite at Sapphire’s balcony production facilities and then craned into position with balustrades preinstalled to the balcony decks. Sapphire then installed the fascia and soffit cladding, along with further Crystal balustrades around the development’s courtyard garden.

In addition to working with the architect and developer to provide a bespoke metal balcony and glass balustrade package for The Filaments, Sapphire also undertook installation. Mast climbing platforms were used on site, rather than traditional scaffolding. Starting at the lower level and working up the building, balconies were installed using fully concealed fixings, with each completed balcony providing a ‘platform’ from which to fix the one above.

Commenting on successful completion of the project The Filaments, Sapphire Balustrades’ Marketing Manager, Nick Haughton, says: “Well designed metal balconies and balustrades can make a real difference to a residential development in terms of look, cost and performance. With the experience we’ve gained over two decades it’s not surprising that Sapphire is recognised as market leader in the residential market place and have worked on projects for 85 of the UK’s top 100 contractors and developers.”