Rigidity results worthy of a trophy at Wembley Alto apartments

Part of a winning team at Wembley’s new Alto development, Sapphire has once again won praise for its innovative balcony design, rigid balconies and unrivalled ‘end to end’ support.

Over 370 balconies were safely installed to luxury apartments at an impressive rate of up to 30 a day using Sapphire’s offsite-manufactured Cassette® balcony concept, and now provide occupants balcony Rigidity which far exceeds BS EN requirements.

Sapphire’s innovative Glide-On™ connectors enabled a Rigid connection back to the building that far outperforms the British Standards L/180 structural deflection limits. Some of the balconies had a 1725mm projection. Applying BS EN Rigidity Standards, this balcony would be allowed to deflect by 9.6mm at the extent. Sapphire Rigidity tests across a few of these size balconies recorded an average of 1.25mm deflection – a massive improvement in the Rigidity and comfortably achieving Sapphire’s Gold standard.

I can’t fault Sapphire’s products or service on this challenging project. The team went out of their way to be helpful and the installation was brilliantly executed.

A phased development by Wates Construction, Alto creates a dynamic new residential quarter of London’s Wembley Park with four stunning towers. The beautiful glass balconies by Sapphire offer impressive views of the iconic Wembley Stadium and the capital beyond. Project Director for Wates Construction comments: “I can’t fault Sapphire’s products or service on this challenging project. The team went out of their way to be helpful and the installation was brilliantly executed.”

Balcony Cassettes® were manufactured by Sapphire in a range of widths to suit different-sized apartments at Alto. They were delivered to site as preassembled balcony units, complete with glass balustrades, decking, soffits and fascias, ready to be lifted into position and fixed back to the façade. Unlike some systems, Sapphire’s solution offers the flexibility of installing balconies in any sequence, including starting at the top of the building and working down.

Designed and manufactured to the project’s bespoke specification, the balconies feature structural glass balustradesfrom Sapphire’s Crystal range, with satin anodised aluminium capping. In addition to individual balconies, Sapphire also supplied straight sections of complementary Crystal balustrades for the development’s roof and corner terraces.

Sapphire’s supply and support package for Alto was synchronised with the overall design and build programme and considerations such as crane availability on site. This involved working closely with all parties from concept to completion, including site engineers at the pre-pour stage of early floors to ensure the correct setting out of balcony edge shutters. Specialist equipment, purpose-designed by Sapphire, was also provided to assist a safe and smooth installation, which was carried out by one of Sapphire’s trained installation experts.

Summing up, Nick Haughton, Sapphire’s Head of Marketing, says Alto demonstrates another highly successful application of Sapphire’s Glide-On™ Cassette® balcony system, backed by superior service every step of the way. He comments:

“Sapphire leads the field in the design, manufacture, supply and support of balconies which are Rigid, Ready and Right. We are uniquely positioned by being solely focused on the high-rise residential market and it is this laser-like focus which drives Sapphire to develop truly innovative balcony solutions that deliver real benefits for architects, designers and building professionals.”

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