Presenting CABS 3.1

CABS or the Computer Aided Balcony Specifier is our very own specifier designed to help you create the perfect balcony design for your project. CABS 3.1 is a newly released version of this interactive online design tool that makes specification easy for your high rise residential project. The tool guides you sequentially through various elements to specify the style and structure of your choice and supplies you with all the details required such as CAD and BIM compatible drawings, NBS specification and much more.

CABS 3.1 has now been unveiled with a range of new features and improvements making CABS even better.

CABS 3.1 Navigation & Detailing

We’ve worked hard to understand your workflow when creating a balcony design or specifications in order to make the user experience simpler and more streamlined. The new navigation system flows effortlessly from connection details through cassette, balustrade and colour specifications with plenty of customisable options throughout to make sure the system works the way you want it to for the majority of applications.

CABS 3.1 also includes additional anchor detailing giving you even more control over your final design specifications.

Improved Speed with 2D & 3D Options

Clear, detailed visuals are vital in composing any balcony design and making sure every part is just right. So, for the new CABS update, we’ve added the option to toggle between 2D and 3D views throughout the design process to get plenty of detail about each and every component and ensure your final design is to your exact specifications.

We’ve added the 2D option to speed up loading times and streamline the CABS experience, we’re also working behind the scenes to improve 3D loading times. Whichever is used still produces a neat BIM output.

New Summary Page

Next, check all the details and specifications before saving and downloading your design with the new summary page. At a glance look over everything from precise measurements to decking and balustrade choices and easily go back and make adjustments.

In-Depth Reports

Finally, once you’ve completed and saved your balcony design download an in-depth report with all the details. The new report includes;

Give the new CABS 3.1 a try for your next balcony specification.

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