New Zealand Roundtable Summary

In February we hosted our first international event in Auckland, New Zealand. The event was attended by some of New Zealand’s leading construction professionals to discuss the key issues effecting the industry.

A key point raised was the issue of drainage as New Zealand suffered significantly from the ‘leaky balconies’ crisis affecting buildings built from 1994-2004. Attendees discussed the difference in drainage strategy and the use of soffits in both the UK and NZ. Request your copy of our drainage whitepaper by emailing

Fire was another important topic as New Zealand has a consultation coming up in June to review the regulations. It is expected this review will bring major change and some will be considering the action taken by the UK in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. Post-fire stability was also a key concern for construction in NZ as well as a minimum of 1 hour fire rating for balconies.

The roundtable was enlightening and interesting as comparisons were drawn between NZ, Australia and the UK in managing key concerns around residential construction.

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