New Apartments Feel the Benefit of Sapphire Balustrades’ Bespoke Service

Customised fixings for Juliette balcony balustrades in a new apartments in Poole posed no problem for Sapphire Balustrades’ bespoke design and manufacturing service. Sapphire’s stylish glass and stainless steel balcony balustrades feature 4mm thick wall brackets and large base fixing plates, specially designed by Sapphire to ensure safe and secure installation to the building’s timber frame, without compromising aesthetics. Also included in Sapphire’s comprehensive package for the four-storey development were balustrades to the terrace for top floor apartments, and for communal stairs between floors and down to the residents’ basement car park.

All balustrades for the new residential development in Wimborne Road, near to Poole harbour, were designed, manufactured and installed by Sapphire from its Onyx stainless steel system. Combining design versatility with contemporary styling, Onyx offers a great looking, low maintenance solution for both internal and external balustrade applications. Satin polished 316 marine grade stainless steel was used for external handrails and tubular balusters (uprights) to prevent corrosion, part of Sapphire’s ‘common sense’ high specification for balustrades that are exposed to the elements, particularly those installed in coastal areas like Poole.

Internal and external balustrades all have clear toughened glass infill panels, creating a sense of light and space inside the apartment building and providing residents with uninterrupted views from their Juliette balcony or terrace. The fourth floor terrace balustrade is divided between apartments by obscured glass privacy screens.

Balustrade solutions for the new apartments in Poole demonstrate Sapphire’s ability to meet a project’s unique requirements in terms of design and installation, says Marketing Manager, Nick Haughton. He comments: “We believe the flexibility we can offer those involved in specifying a balustrade project, whether it’s a special fixing method or a bespoke trim, sets Sapphire apart from other balustrade manufacturers.” The company’s manufacturing expertise, distinctive range of core systems and choice of balustrade enhancements allow custom variations, without the extra cost and time normally associated with creating a bespoke solution.