Sapphire team are raising money for Multiple Sclerosis Society

Why are we supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Society? Well, quite simply, it’s because we understand that the Covid-19 pandemic presents new worries and challenges for those who live with MS and their families. The effects of this condition on the physical and mental health are held particularly close to our hearts as many members in our company have family members or know those who have MS and understand the severity and disabling nature of the disease which is yet to have a cure found.

Guided by our principle ‘innovation to prosper the community‘, we believe that in these times we should not decrease, but increase our level of charitable giving and do whatever we can to support those facing further difficulties.

So this month, company-wide we have decided to rally behind an organisation that centres in supporting, campaigning, and researching for the MS community – MS Society.

For every pound, a Sapphire staff member donates, Sapphire has pledged to 10x their donation, capped at £3,000.

The MS Society is a UK- wide community made up of people living with MS, researchers, fundraisers, campaigners, and volunteers. Their work is based on the hopes and aspirations of the MS community. Together they campaign at all levels, fund ground-breaking research, and provide award-winning support and information. Whether living with MS or caring about someone who does, The Multiple Sclerosis Society is there for them through the highs, lows, and everything in between.

Please encourage our team in the various activities they have pledged to do this month, and give generously to our cause!

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Our guiding principle is “innovation to prosper the community”....