Looking Back on Pomona Wharf

Pomona Wharf was a record-setting project for us, achieving 34 balconies installed in a day. Time was critical and in short supply because there was no dedicated site crane available. Offsite manufactured concrete wall panels were chosen and required use of the crane to be installed.

It was essential that crane time was kept to a minimum and that balconies were installed as quickly as possible to keep the costs of crane hire down. To meet this requirement a high volume of balconies needed to be delivered to site smoothly and efficiently.

Once on site, the balconies had to be unloaded and installed quickly to allow for further lorryloads to be delivered. This had to be achieved by working in synergy with the install of the wall panels and other trades on site. The first installation day reached a total of 24 followed by 34 balconies installed on the next installation day by Sapphire accredited installers, McKean.

This was possible thanks to our offsite production and Rigid.Ready.Right. brand promise. With traditional JIT or Just In Time production, the speed of balcony install is limited by the speed balconies can be manufactured and sent to site. With our brand promise, we guarantee all balconies will be produced Ready for dispatch ahead of the agreed date, eliminating delays.

At Pomona Wharf, this meant balconies could be transported from secure storage at Winchester to site as required without delay avoiding additional crane costs and keeping the project programme on track.

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