GMV6 Site is No Match for Glide-On™

The Greenwich Millennium Village Phase 6 (GMV6) is a venture by Bennett Construction Limited designed by Jestico Whiles & Associates. Sapphire was invited to design, manufacture and supply the balconies for the sixth phase of the development. This particular project was a little tricky as there were various challenges arising due to limited space on site. Our team at Sapphire had to work around obstacles on site at GMV6 in order to install the 84 Glide-On™ balconies for this project.

Our Glide-On™ balconies are manufactured and prefinished in a factory and require minimal onsite finishing, essential when working with limited space and tricky access for the installation. Since our balconies are preassembled and delivered ready for installation, they reduce the amount of work and time onsite and require minimal space for the installation process. The factory-controlled environment that they are manufactured and assembled in ensures premium quality. The aluminium cassettes are lightweight compared with steel and reduce the number of façade penetrations required to fix them on the building. The balconies were designed with obscured Crystal® laminate glass balustrades providing residents with greater privacy and shading in the warmer months.

The primary challenge for the site team was navigating through tricky access conditions for the installation of the balconies. Some of the balconies had to be installed around a bike shelter, leaving very little room of only about 4 inches clear for carrying out the installation process. We brought in specialist lifting vehicles to assist and ensure the smooth fixing of the cassettes onsite.

Installation of the balconies had to be put on hold due to the space constraints onsite as there was other work going on that could not be interrupted. The last few cassettes had to be sent in a lorry with a hiab crane so that they could be installed on time without obstructing other activities.

The final result was elegant and easily installed Sapphire balconies to the stunning GMV6. The balconies were fitted securely, and the design adds to the experience of the residents. The glass façade of the balcony gives an elegant and modern look to the whole project.

GMV is the first of the government’s Millennium Communities. This initiative set out to construct seven new ‘villages’, which are intended as models for 21st-century community living. Greenwich Millennium Village, which is located at the southern end of the formerly industrial 300-acre Greenwich Peninsula, is also part of the extensive Thames Gateway regeneration project. Currently, it is considered to be one of the largest regeneration projects of its kind in London.

Sustainability and inclusivity are at the heart of the project, creating eco-friendly homes for the existing and growing community in Greenwich. The developers and architects combined innovative design, construction and planning to create a variety of housing types and tenures alongside excellent amenities and green spaces. This gives a vibrant, mixed community everything they need to thrive, from schools and play areas to an IMAX cinema, all within walking distance.