Ask the Expert: Our Right Guarantee

With an increasing reduction in skilled site labour and need to minimise site overheads, the necessity for products being delivered to site ‘Right’ grows. Sapphire has faced this challenge head-on by making a brand promise of delivering balconies Right. Here we answer your questions on how the company delivers on its Guarantee.

How can I be sure that the balconies I specify have passed quality testing?

Each Sapphire balcony has a unique identity and is subjected to a series of individual quality checks to ensure it meets the required standard. Each balcony is issued with a ‘passport’ with every stage of QC checks captured in the ‘passport’ and the balcony cannot leave the factory without a complete traceable history.

What if I have different standards to others?

We like to build prototypes ahead of time so that clients can visit and agree on what their required standard is.

What if my balcony isn’t delivered Right?

In the highly unlikely event that one of your balconies isn’t perfect, all you have to do is report it. We will investigate it according to which part of the promise applies, and once resolved will implement our goodwill guarantee.

What’s the goodwill guarantee?

We know the most important action, if a problem has occurred, is to resolve the issue. Once rectified, our goodwill guarantee, a refund of £100 per balcony affected (up to £300 per balcony), is given to you as an apology for not delivering our high standards of Rigid.Ready.Right. first time.