Why is it so easy to fall in love with Juliette balconies?

Why is it so easy to fall in love with Juliette balconies?

Juliette or Juliet balconies are beautiful architectural metalwork features which are named after one of the eponymous heroes of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy. The main design feature of these balconies is that they do not have an extended structure protruding out of the house or building – in other worlds they are not a type of balcony you can walk on but are more like a guarding in front of a door or opening.

‘Juliets’ (or Juliettes) have long been popular aspects for a range of architectural styles. However, it could be argued that modern variants (which are designed with glass panels instead of traditional balustrades) have helped to make them even more popular and are continuing to do so.

Benefits and advantages

The primary advantage of a Juliette is that they are an extremely cost effective way of adding a balcony to residential developments, even if the structures was not been built with them. Indeed, most properties need only a large door and a balustrade to take advantage of these innovative metal or glass guardings.

In addition, unlike bolt on balcony or other such types which do have a deck, they do not need the foundations of a property to be re-evaluated to accommodate them. This makes them a more widely used solution for refurbishment and renovation construction projects.

Renovation solutions

So, if you are thinking of renovating a traditional property or a creating modern living accommodation, and like the idea of including the benefits of a balcony, a Juliet could well be a logical option for you. Instead of having an extended steel structure fabricated, you could simply opt for the more cost-effective attributes of these attractive option.
Juliets incorporating glass panels are beautifully complemented by French doors which help to entwine the benefits such as in impeded views, addition natural light etc.

Modern glass variants

If you are looking for a cost effective solution that employs a modern design, then a glass Juliet could surely be an excellent choice. In addition to being very minimalist and easy-to-clean, these modern variants provide you with unbroken views so they really can help to make impressive vistas look even more stunning.

As well as being very competitively priced, low-maintenance glass Juliettes are also cost-effective long-term investments as, unlike conventional balustrading materials such as mild steel or wrought iron, they do not require continuous painting or repairs. Indeed, all that is needed to retain your unbroken vistas is a periodical clean! Solutions such as glass offer property developers and end users alike the peace of mind that there won’t be any corrosion problems.

Guaranteed style, function and aesthetic appeal

At Sapphire Balustrades, we are the UK’s leading balustrading subcontractor, and are able to provide Juliette glass balcony systems incorporating the benefits of global expertise with regional UK support from Bristol to London or up to Glasgow or Aberdeen; we can add style, function and aesthetic appeal to your high rise residential developments. We specialise in creating customer satisfaction and we deliver this through a unique personal service from assisting Architects with Balustrade CAD details or NBS specifications through to ensuring we maintain the passion to deliver on time, on budget and with delighted clients.

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