Luxura® sets Sapphire’s new standard, partnering with MyDek

Formed in 2019, MyDek has spent their existence finding the ultimate solution to decking safety. With the newest iteration of their A-rated, non-combustible decking solutions, the Luxura® board, they’ve provided these benefits to over 42,000 customers and counting.

Today, Sapphire are proud to announce an exclusive partnership with MyDek that bundles MyDek’s Luxura® board onto every one of their Next Generation balconies as standard.

Bundled with Sapphire

Sapphire and MyDek have come to an exclusive agreement to fit Luxura® decking as standard on all Next Generation balconies.

The Next Generation suite comes with a range of improvements over the market standard, such as its light weight, reducing the embodied carbon footprint by up to 19% across stages A1-A5. The safety of the balcony has been improved, thanks to innovations like the Remote Locker Device (RLD) which means a balcony installation team never again needs to step out onto an unsecured load. Finally, the Next Generation balcony has more possibilities than ever, with the brand-new Clip-On connection allowing for a balcony to be secured with small hooks, one of Sapphire’s most sustainable connection solutions yet.

Benefits of Luxura®

Luxura® isn’t just better to fit – it’s better from manufacture all the way to being better for the end user.

Thanks to the smart composite material used in MyDek’s Luxura® boards, all Sapphire balconies will have superior decking performance when compared to other decking options on the market. Luxura outperforms porcelain and natural stone in robustness and doesn’t require additional subframes to be added to the balcony thanks to MyDek’s intelligent SupportRail or BoxRail fixing systems.

What’s more is that the end-user benefits too – Luxura® is better underfoot with less heat retained, no metallic sound on the foot and no metallic edges. The natural look and feel of Luxura® is exclusive to Sapphire Balconies, so why wait to secure the next revolution in decking when it’s available today.


Since the tragedy at Grenfell Tower in 2017, fire safety in cladding, balcony materials and interior design has been at the forefront of the minds of architects, developers and suppliers across the country. To that effect, the combustibility of materials has been considered at every stage by MyDek.

Building Safety Act 2022

Access the full Building Safety Act on the UK Government website.

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Richard McMullan, Head of Brand Development at MyDek, has previously emphasised the importance of using A1 & A2-rated non-combustible materials to ensure the fire safety of their Luxura® range. MyDek have gone so far as to extensively test their range and have been awarded with a A1 EN13501 fire classification, eliminating concerns about smoke production and flaming droplets.

Given this testing, Luxura® is one of the safest options for balcony decking on the market today and their being bundled with Sapphire’s Next Generation Cassettes® serves as an advantage to both the companies and their customers alike.

Good for the customer

Luxura® serves as a compliment to Sapphire’s balconies, a compliment to our customers and a compliment to the end-user.

Luxura can be easily installed after a short amount of specialist training using MyDek’s SupportRail or BoxRail systems and requires minimal maintenance after installation, typically only needing an occasional wash to maintain its box-fresh style.

Furthermore, thanks to intelligent product design, Luxura® is resistant to a huge number of elements, including high heat, excess water, salt, sea spray and dimensional changes in different weather conditions. This means that warping, expansion and contraction in different weather conditions can be cut out of the equation, making sure your balcony’s decking stays as durable as the day it was manufactured.

Luxura® Fire Test

Discover the full capabilities of Luxura® in their fire test.

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Finally, Luxura partners well with Sapphire’s Next Generation suite as there are More Possibilities for the design than ever before. Luxura® can be laser-engraved for customisation, meaning wood-effect, stone-effect or any other design that springs to mind can be specified at an early stage.


Sapphire & MyDek have come together to make balcony decking a challenge of the past.

Luxura® promises to be the most highly fire-rated decking product in the residential construction market with an A1 EN13501 fire-rating classification, BoxRail or SupportRail installation technology for ease of fitting and a customisable product that suits whatever style your development is going for.

With Luxura’s® innovations in fire safety, installation, maintenance and customisation – there’s never been a better time to specify Sapphire on your project.

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