Invest in high quality metal for external installations

Invest in high quality metal for external installations

Handrails form an integral part of any external walkway system, both in terms of creating a safe and secure environment for passers-by, and introducing a professional and sophisticated appearance to a place of business, home, or public area. As such, it is vital that the materials chosen in the manufacture of metal balcony and balustrade systems are chosen for their ability to provide long-term high performance; minimising the adverse effects that time and general day-to-day use can have on the stability and appearance of these structures.

Be mindful of corrosion and discolouration

Corrosion is undoubtedly the main issue you will need to consider when choosing materials for a balustrade installation. External balustrades and balcony systems will be subjected to the effects of the elements all year-round, and if rust or other signs of corrosion start to appear on the metal, this is the first indication of compromise to the robustness of the structure; a sure-fire signal of safety issues with further use.

Although a secondary factor to safety, the noticeable discolouration caused by corrosion can also present reputation issues for businesses and public areas. The appearance of rust, even if sporadic, causes a significant impact on the overall appearance of a balustrade or handrail structure; a particular issue for businesses keen to convey a polished and presentable appearance.

It is therefore essential to investigate the corrosion-resistance of a particular metal to determine its suitability for an external structure before committing to an installation. Especially in balcony anchors as these are the single most important structural component to protect.

Consistent quality and performance

At Sapphire, our enduring passion and appreciation for high-quality craftsmanship ensures that with every project we undertake, a refined and long-lasting result is guaranteed.

Longevity is key to designing and manufacturing a successful and effective balustrade systems, which is why we only use materials which ensure that our finished handrails and balustrades will retain their good looks for years.

Aluminium and stainless steel are two of the most robust and attractive materials used for creating fully-integrated balustrades and balcony frames, and are our materials of choice when installing systems for both external environments, and areas which may also pose a corrosion issue, such as a locations near cement works etc.

With their natural high-shine appearance, strength, and resistance to the common limitations associated with some other metals used in external balustrade installations; aluminium and stainless steel are the perfect materials to use in installations that will see a lot of traffic over their lifetime.

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