Balcony Details and Balcony Technical Drawing

Balcony Specification Made Easy with Sapphire Balconies

Balconies have always been a fascinating part of architecture. Balconies have become a comfortable extension of our homes — a part where nature and modern came together, where solitude was blessed. Sapphire Balconies has been an indispensable part of creating these structures that are an inevitable part of our homes and memories. Since inception in 1992, we have been moving forward in the direction of creating the strongest and most aesthetic balconies, and our designs have been evolving with time, both in terms of design and strength.

So when you have the responsibility of specifying balconies, why not take cues from the specification options offered by Sapphire Balconies? We have revolutionised the whole concept of creating balconies by introducing our own software. This Computer Aided Balcony Specifier, or CABS software which makes the specification process even more efficient for you.

1. Standard Balcony Details:

Wherein you get anchor and balcony detail in formats such as DWG, PDF, STP, and SAT. This is the most basic specification package, which is perfect if you want an additional layer of guidance that will point you in the right direction, coupled with an outline. This balcony technical details pack gives

2. Customised Balcony Construction Details:

Our presaved balcony specifications come with significant advantages over the standard details. In this type of specification, benefits include and above the aforementioned, such as getting balcony illustrations, decking and balustrade selections, and even the soffits selection. Downloads Include:

4. COACH – Our Full 3D Specification Software:

This one is abundant with a flurry of features such as Drainage Considerations Report, Precedent Images, Child Safety Summary, Fire Considerations Report, and a lot more. Additionally, it also includes the features mentioned in the previous points. CABS expert is truly a connoisseur of balcony specifications, and a plan you ought to consider if you want everything just perfect, sans any hiccups.

The major advantage of all the aforementioned specifications of Sapphire Balconies is that it offers outputs in an array of formats, depending on what suits you as a specifier. Thus, it not only is relevant in terms of information but also takes into consideration the convenience of those for whom it is relevant.

A balance between traditional and novelty, strength and aesthetics, balconies are indeed amazing. Sapphire Balconies stands for these principles. Make it a part of your plans and specifications and watch the best come alive.