Lloyd Parsons

Lloyd Parsons originally joined Sapphire in 1998 at our London location in Barnet. He started as a fabricator and installer, giving him a sound grounding in the way balustrades were made. He became a competent contract manager in the Barnet office and relocated with Sapphire Eastern in 2007 to the Hertfordshire office where he was a key cog in the management of that branch and factory. Lloyd now works as a contract manager based remotely from Norfolk and has run some of the largest balcony schemes we have delivered. All testament to his technical ability and capability of hitting Sapphire’s stringent  budgets, program and client satisfaciton requirements.


Zdravka Petrova

Marketing Campaign Manager

Joined 2021
Clyde Henry


Joined 2022
Anita Blackie

Executive Assistant

Joined 2020