Perforated balustrades have become more common as laminated glass has become banned under the Combustible Cladding Ban. 

To create bespoke patterns of perforated balustrades as cost-effective as possible the designs can be optimised them to make them as repeatable as possible, whilst still keeping the design non-climbable (Part K and BS6180 both require balustrades on balconies to be ‘not easily climbed’) and aesthetically flowing.

While simple, repetitive and standard patterns can be a cost-effective balustrade solution, it can also be a very expensive choice on smaller schemes or where there is a significant number of  different sizes or patterns of perforated designs on the various balconies.

Perforated balustrade panels are manufactured from an aluminium sheet, perforated and then powder coated to a RAL colour.

Examples of this balustrading in use