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Balustrade design

At Sapphire we are fully focused on providing factory finished modular balconies.

These are best suited to projects with 30 or more large balconies with an element of repetition and with simple façade interface details which do not hinder the balconies being craned into position at the end of the project.

Our usual minimum order is for around 400 sqm but we will consider projects totalling above 200 sqm of decking area, depending on the design details.

Below is further information in regard to balustrading

What regulations and standards should balustrades meet?

BS6180 is the main standard affecting balustrade design is Part K of the Approved Documents is the main regulation. Whilst there are many regulations and standards which affect balustrades and guarding’s, many of these relate to balustrades which are either on raking areas like ramps or stairs or are required for less able users to access buildings.

We have a number of registered balustrade designs. Get in touch with our partner company Regal Balustrades ( who now deal with all our balustrade solutions. All our registered designs are offered by Regal.

Aluma is a cost-effective aluminium balustrade system with a crisp, contemporary flavour. It takes its visual style from a range of aluminium extrusions in various shapes, sizes, finishes and colours.

Handrails are joined with hidden fixings to give a perfectly clean line and uncluttered appearance.

Aluma offers superior corrosion resistance, even if coatings are damaged, making it ideal for situations such as external balconies and buildings in coastal areas, as well as being suitable for use indoors.

The Onyx system was originally created during the early 1990’s, and over the past few decades has been continually developed into a sleek and prestigious framed balustrade manufactured from tubular stainless steel. During this time Onyx has become an industry renowned product, respected for its neat detailing, seamless flow and weld-free appearances.

Onyx offers the touch a modern environment could need to provide the perfect finish along with the correct ergonomic and regulation requirements, whilst offering a great-looking, low-maintenance solution that can be ideal for communal areas in retail or commercial buildings to staircases or balconies on residential apartments.

Everything in the Onyx range can be tailored according to precise needs and the stainless-steel balustrades can be combined or enhanced with features from other ranges, and can even be infilled with a wide variety of infill options.

Onyx stainless steel balustrade systems are custom manufactured to exact project requirements whilst utilising the decades of refinement and you’ll be able to transform your environment with a solution that works.

Opal’s attractive, hard-wearing polyester powder-coated finish delivers a superb balance of durability, quality and value, providing a visual complement or contrast in any environment.

External applications are normally made from powder coated stainless steel rather than mild steel, offering guaranteed corrosion resistance (even when damaged) and a superior surface finish. Exterior grade Opal is ideal for outdoor applications, including areas that are required to be not cold to the touch.

Having the right kind of balustrades can transform a professional environment, adding the perfect finishing touch for a sleek, high-end result that’s as visually appealing as it is practical.

In many settings, a frameless glass balustrade can offer that kind of result-combining a modern aesthetic with exceptional durability, Our Crystal® balustrade systems could offer the ideal solution to your requirements.

Crystal® combines an elegantly minimal look with structural strength and robust performance, offering everything you could need from glass balustrade systems in one package. It’s ideal for large atria and other high-profile applications whether internal or external.

With a design that’s been refined through years of careful development based on years of expertise, you get the frameless glass balustrades that can offer the perfect finishing touch.

Structural glass panels provide a perfectly clear view and an understated lightness that ideally complements both modern and classic buildings, offering a truly elegant finish in any setting necessary particularly in tight well staircases.

The Crystal® system is as functional as it is visually stunning, being instantly eye-catching without overpowering its setting, and it’s this combination of form and function that makes the Crystal® range so inspiring.

Armourex is a uniquely formulated coating offering enhanced performance and extended life. The coating was developed around three core needs:

  • Anti-graffiti – Graffiti is easy to remove without solvents. Armourex is also flame-resistant.
  • Antibacterial – Contains an active agent to inhibit growth and reduce spread of bacteria.
  • Scratch resistant – With a 118 Buchholz hardness, a Clemen hardness of 3500 and a thermal conductivity of 0.3, the coating offers great scratch resistance and a ‘warm to the touch’ feel.

We offer lockable gates in stainless steel, glass and other materials to match our balustrades.

Gates provide useful access control in retail, hospitality and other environments, while preserving visual continuity. One-way access gates can also be provided.

LED lighting embedded into the underside of the handrail can be used to illuminate walkways for safety or to create a stunning visual effect.

LEDs are available in white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple or constantly changing colours.

Natura hardwood handrails provide a soft natural complement to components and balustrades from our other ranges. Natura timber handrails can be combined with stainless steel or glass for a contemporary, warm and welcoming feel.

Our unique high-strength jointing methods within the timber handrail which mean no core rail is required, dramatically improving the aesthetic impact of the range and enabling smooth, flowing corners and bends – just as with our five main ranges. Natura fixings are hidden from view wherever possible.

Naturex is a highly realistic woodgrain handrail coating, available as an alternative to powder coating. Naturex is suitable for both internal and external situations, offering the same look as timber handrails but with superior durability and no need for regular maintenance.

A wide choice of grains and colours can be chosen, allowing customers to match most species of timber. Naturex can be applied to both balusters and handrails.

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