Sadiq Khan Takes Aim at London’s Housing Crisis

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, is making efforts to tackle the capital’s housing shortage by setting ambitious goals and applying pressure for additional funding.

In May figures released showed a record-breaking number of affordable homes were initiated with City Hall’s support. The figures also included the highest number of council homes in London in 34 years, since 1985.

Khan has more than doubled the number of homes started in Boris Johnson’s final year, totaling 14,544 affordable homes.

The mayor’s Affordable Homes Programme, launched in 2016 is set to complete in March 2022, has secured a total of £4.8bn in funding from the government.

However, a new study by City Hall has found that £4.9bn is needed per year to deliver the amount of affordable housing the city needs, 7 times more than current funding levels.

“We currently receive only a fraction of the affordable housing investment needed in London”

Sadiq Khan

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