Matching Metalwork with Balconies

A consistent design adds a visual appeal to the external envelope of the building. At Sapphire Balconies, we design and create exceptional balconies. Our accredited installers match the metalwork in the balconies with the metalwork in the building. They ensure external balustrades on the podium, terrace railings, and other building metalwork perfectly match our balconies.

Architects with design specifications have had concerns about the outcome of matching metalwork with balconies as they are designed and delivered from two different entities. Due to our close working relationship with our accredited installers, our balcony balustrade designs are consistently matched to detail with the other metalwork in the building.

Here are some of our previous projects where our installers perfectly matched our balcony balustrades with the metalwork in the building.

Dudley House

Dudley House is the flagship development of the City for All scheme. Sapphire installed Glide-On™ aluminium balconies and ensured the architect’s exact specifications were met. We collaborated with BA Systems to match the balustrades’ polyester powder coating to the inset, creating a perfectly harmonious architectural feature.

Deptford Foundry

Deptford Foundry is located in a historic area of south-east London. Our team at Sapphire worked closely with BA systems and ensured the Sapphire balcony balustrades matched their inset balconies.

Park Royal

Designed by the ATP group, Park Royal is a venture by Network Homes. Our accredited installer, Steelbuild, did an excellent job matching our Sapphire balcony balustrade with other concrete terrace railings and external balustrading of the building. With an exceptional design and matching detailing, the Park Royal development is outstanding.

To conclude, due to our warm relationship with our installers, we can work in collaboration and deliver exceptionally similar designs that their metalwork matches perfectly well with our balcony balustrades.

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