Matching Metalwork with Balconies

A consistent design across the external envelope can add an engaging visual appeal to a building. At Sapphire Balconies, we design and create exceptional balconies that engage with that brief and as a result, are market leaders in balcony design. Often, accredited installers are asked to match the metalwork in the balconies with the metalwork in the façade of the building to ensure external balustrades on the podium, terrace railings and other building metalwork perfectly match our balconies.

Given that balconies are often considered the ‘jewellery’ of a building, there are industry-wide concerns from architects regarding matching the metalwork of balconies with that of the building as they are designed and delivered by two different entities. Due to our close working relationship with our accredited installers, our balcony balustrade designs are consistent with and match the details of any other metalwork in the building.

The good news here is that it is often relatively easy to achieve. Below, we have listed some of our previous projects where our accredited installers closely matched our balcony balustrades with the metalwork of the building.

Park Royal, Acton Lane

Designed by the ATP Group, Park Royal is a venture by Network Homes. Our accredited installer, Steelbuild, delivered an excellent result by matching our Sapphire balcony balustrade with other concrete terrace railings and external balustrading of the building. Bolstered by exceptional design and matching detailing, the Park Royal development is an outstanding project.

As is evident from our warm relationship with our installers, we work in close collaboration to deliver exceptional designs, matching their metalwork similarly with our balcony balustrades and keeping the development inviting all the while.

Huntley Wharf, Reading

On another scheme, this time in Reading, Steelbuild was commissioned to match the metalwork on a unique balcony balustrade design to the already-existing Juliette guarding balustrades. A design was created for Sapphire’s projecting and inset balconies. Given Steelbuild’s long and reliable install track record, they were drawn on to continue the same design language at Huntley Wharf and help to create an architecturally cohesive project.

Dudley House, Paddington

Dudley House is the flagship development of the City For All scheme in the West End of London. Sapphire installed Glide-On™ aluminium balconies and ensured the architect’s exact glass balustrade specifications were met across the board. We collaborated with BA Systems to match the balustrades’ polyester powder coating to the inset, creating a perfectly harmonious architectural feature.

Deptford Foundry, Deptford

Deptford Foundry is a project in the heart of historic Deptford in the southeast of London. Our team at Sapphire worked closely with BA Systems to ensure that their inset balconies were matched by our own Sapphire vertical bar balcony balustrades, keeping in theme with their molten-gold colour scheme across the development.

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