Wanting to become a Marketing Supplier for Sapphire?

Wanting to become a marketing supplier to Sapphire? Now is your opportunity…

We are hosting our 2020 Marketing Summit in Reading on 29th November 2019. This is an event where we will be discussing our objectives, key strategic themes and channels for next year and are looking for input from specialists in a range of fields within Marketing.

It will be an event starting mid morning through to mid afternoon and will be in a Reading hotel near to an M4 motorway junction and near to a train station.

Please complete the form below if you wish to attend as a potential supplier. This doesn’t guarantee you a place as these will all be vetted and for obvious reasons the existing suppliers will have priority on attendance.

The process is as follows:

  1. Submit your details
  2. We will vet them and respond by 20th November
  3. Lucky suppliers will be sent a set of quarterly reports (after signing a NDA) to review before the event
  4. Selected suppliers attend the event on 29th November
  5. Suppliers will be given an opportunity to propose work they can undertake for us during next near.