A Balcony Fit for a Palace

London’s most famous palace balcony is set to get a 21st Century makeover thanks to CABS and our latest balcony advancement –Generation II Advance Graphic System. G.A.G.S. is an ingenious graphic screen that allows every balcony to be truly unique.

Developed by Sapphire’s chief designer April Asinus G.A.G.S. is the next step in the development of our CABS design technology. The system allows a super high 16k definition screen to be installed onto the balustrade of either new or existing balconies. The system dramatically changes the aesthetic by displaying high resolution graphics which can be changed at the touch of a button.

Images can be changed quickly and easily using Sapphire’s intuitive app. Simply upload your image, or choose one of the pre-loaded options, follow the on-screen instructions and the look and feel of your balcony can be changed in under a minute.

Balcony decking can also get a similar makeover with the introduction of a specialist HD coating that allows the appearance of the decking to be manipulated.

The palace’s new G.A.G.S. makeover is expected to be ready in plenty of time for the next public appearance, where we might see an update to the red velvet swag traditionally used at such events.

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