Future Construction in Ireland: The Case for MMC

Ireland is facing a significant shortage of houses. The high demand for homes is leading to problems like a higher number of evictions, high rents and homelessness. In fact, homelessness has nearly quadrupled in the last five years, according to the Irish government.

Dublin is also on the list of the top 10 most expensive places to rent, according to Deutsche Bank Research from May 2019. Unfortunately, this combined with lagging new construction due to high building cost, tight mortgage lending and lower availability of land for development is leading to a shortage in housing.

A change needs to come about to fix this problem. An estimated 35,000 homes need to be built every year for the next decade to bridge the gap between the supply and demand. Does MMC offer a practical solution for Future Construction in Ireland?

MMC & Offsite Construction to Boost Productivity for Future Construction In Ireland

Modern Methods of Construction using technology achieves well-designed and quality buildings while saving costs and maintaining high standards.In the short term, the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland believes the following will help against the existing problem:

Technology could be the answer to deliver efficiencies within the construction sector. Modular construction could equate to a value of €1.7Bn in Ireland and put them in the position to meet domestic housing demands properly.

Advantages of MMC

It certainly seems that MMC is a key cog in fixing the supply of housing, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic which caused the need of much more social distancing, less site labour and the need for efficiency.

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