COACH: 4 Million Balcony Options In One Tool

Using COACH, we want you to be inspired by the mass customisation of balconies.

The global pandemic made us all realise that having a private outdoor space should no longer be considered a luxury, but a necessity. The liberation that comes from having a balcony in a high-rise apartment is outstanding. From conception to completion, we want to provide not only the necessity of outdoor space but the inspiration for balconies on your building in the first place.

What is COACH?

COACH is our intelligent balcony design tool. Easy to pick up and play with, COACH can be used to create a custom cantilever or inset balcony with plenty of variables available to try. Whether you’d prefer your balcony to have vertical bar balustrades or frameless structural glass, front-facing or behind-bar fascia or even if you’d like it powder-coated in mint-green paint, COACH can visualise it for you.

What’s more, COACH provides various reports once the design of the balcony is finished. An automatically generated 2D & 3D model, carbon saving report and anchor detailing can be downloaded at no extra cost.

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Balcony ‘pain points’

At Sapphire, we understand our customer’s needs regarding the design stage. Using COACH, we offer over 4 million variations of balconies ensuring that we can provide a balcony for any budget and any purpose.

Our 30 years of experience have led us to understand the main ‘pain points’ of the customer experience. For those areas under significant regeneration, our designs can help architects and developers in the planning stages to visualise breathing new life into the project. For more extensive projects where several plans are under work simultaneously, our variety of balcony choices create points of difference that support sales strategies for competing blocks. Finally, for developments that require extra privacy, our balconies can be designed with that requirement in mind using privacy screens, obscured glass, or modular panel balustrading.

Options for balconies

COACH has provided us with the ability to showcase all the many options available on our balconies. Innovation has been an inherent part of our business since our founding in 1992 and we’re always looking for ways to challenge ourselves. We innovate with new balcony balustrade designs, with sublimation printing on aluminium panels and even with the anchor connections fixing the balcony to the building façade.

There are countless options available for balcony balustrading and we can offer:

Vertical Bars: The traditional vertical bar can be customised to your liking. Rotation, T-Bars, mixed variants, and flange in-out bars can mix things up for every style required, laid out consistently or to a pattern of your choice.

Modular Panels: Create your masterpiece with different patterns, colours, perforations, or images that can be printed onto the aluminium sheet.

Frameless Structural Glass: Prevent wind, increase privacy with obscured glass or even introduce decorative glass for a unique visual effect with our toughened framework.

Once you’ve designed the balcony for your building, contact our dedicated Sales team to find out about pricing and whether a Sapphire balcony could benefit your project.

Inspirational case studies

Inspiration doesn’t just come in the form of the written word. Below, we’d like to showcase two of our historical projects and hope they can inspire you in new ways.

Firstly, the Greenwich Millenium Village, Phase 6 project. We used obscured glass and golden fascia to create a soft, crystalline, pastel effect which is incredibly aesthetically pleasing:

Download the case study here:

We’d also like to showcase the Nestle Factory Block D in Hayes. We used printed, patterned frameless structural glass balustrading to add a visual appeal to the project whilst keeping it tonally consistent with the rest of the building:

Read more in our case study here:

It doesn’t take much to be inspired by the mass customisation of balconies. Using our innovative design tool COACH, we can help. Our previous work speaks for itself – With our massive choice of inspiring balustrade designs, we’d love to collaborate with you to develop an exciting project with balconies that will stand out without costs going astray.

See even more of the designs we’ve helped bring to reality using COACH here:

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