British Heart Foundation nominated as Sapphire’s Q1 charity

At Sapphire Balconies, we have had a strong commitment to charitable giving since our establishment in 1992. We firmly believe in the power of our group mantra of “Innovation to Prosper the Community” and have made it a priority to support causes that align with this mission. Our nominated charity for Q1 2023 is the British Heart Foundation and we’re dedicated to supporting them throughout.

One of the ways Sapphire Balconies supports charitable causes is through its support of its team members’ charitable endeavours. One such team member is John Rogers (part of our IT team), who is currently training to run the London Marathon for the British Heart Foundation. The British Heart Foundation is a charity that works to prevent and treat heart disease, the leading cause of death in the UK.

Sapphire Balconies is supporting John with fundraising in the run up to his marathon. Sapphire run a quarterly charity (selected by staff suggestions and voting) which it supports financially each quarter by making a donation. This quarter sees the ATW Group (Sapphire’s parent company), donate to the British Heart Foundation, and has encouraged its employees to do the same on John’s just giving page (John Rogers is fundraising for BHF (

But that’s not all, Sapphire Balconies takes their charitable giving approach a step further by always topping up employee donations by giving 10 times the amount employees give. This means that for every pound an employee donates to a charitable cause, Sapphire Balconies donates ten pounds. It’s a way for the company to show their commitment to giving back to the community and make a bigger impact.

In addition to supporting John, Sapphire Balconies has also been raising awareness about heart disease and the work of the British Heart Foundation among its employees and customers. This is a great example of the company’s commitment to “Innovation to Prosper The Community” and how it is working to make a positive impact in the world.

John is excited to be running the marathon, and we wish him all the best in his training and on the day of the event. We are proud to have him as a part of our team and we are grateful for the opportunity to support such a worthy cause.

We encourage everyone to consider supporting the British Heart Foundation in any way they can, whether it’s through a donation, volunteering, or participating in events like the London Marathon. Together, we can help to prevent and treat heart disease and make a positive impact in the lives of people everywhere.

Our Innovation to Prosper The Community wont change, its our mantra and who we have always been. That said the charities we donate to will as we move into the future.




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