How to design the costs out of balconies – Whitepaper

What are the advantages of simplified design?

  1. It reduces design labour costs. Having a limited number of options reduces time in design, labour and materials as opposed to offering specially designed unique elements for every different building.
  2. It improves production efficiency. Minimising variations of design means fewer changeovers in production, equipment, personnel and design time.
  3. There is less risk of quality issues. When production of a component becomes a learnt process through repetition less mistakes occur.
  4. There is less material waste. It is possible to use material in the most efficient way to reduce wastage. For example, selecting component sizes with the use of CAD design and CNC machinery which make best use of raw materials.
  5. It reduces transport and storage. If standard items can be stacked efficiently, less space is needed for storage and fewer lorries are needed to deliver them.

Can I cut the cost of bespoke balconies or does cost depend on standardisation?

There are many ways architects, designers, manufacturers, and builders can save money during any phase of construction. Simplification and standardisation has a major role to play in reducing costs throughout construction from design to finished project.

Cost reduction does not have to mean you have to sacrifice some of the features that are important to hit budgets. By being aware of where costs escalate in design, and by embracing standard sizing and repetition where practical, costs can be clinically cut whilst still achieving a high-quality product.

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