How to connect balconies to unitised façade builds – Whitepaper

What’s this whitepaper about?

As aluminium unitised facades are becoming more common in today’s construction environment along with other modern methods, new innovations have enabled effective connections between balconies and unitised facades. These methods have clear advantages over traditional methods and since the COVID pandemic have proven their worth especially from an
efficiency and sustainability perspective.

We have completed this whitepaper to provide the reader with a clear overview of aluminium unitised panels, an understanding of why they have become popular, how you can connect balconies to unitised facades, their benefits and some key considerations to bear in mind when designing unitised facades with balconies.

What are aluminium unitised façades and why are they popular?

Aluminium unitised façades or curtain walling are prefabricated and offsite assembled units for the external envelope of a building which can be moved direct from the factory environment to site for fast installation on pre-prepared fixings.

An increase in offsite manufacturing is revolutionising the way buildings are being built. Unitised façades can be used for technically challenging projects, as well as fast track schemes, new builds, and refurbishment. Unitised facades have a range of design variations within the façade structure and offer a wide mix of panel sizes, colours, and materials.

Find out more about how to connect balconies to unitised façade builds by downloading the whitepaper.

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