Constructions Carbon Dilemma
1 Hour CPD

Why is carbon so important?

The environment we are facing today means that the way we see homes, and the role they play in our everyday lives, is forever changing.

Sustainability and climate change continue to be key topics within the construction industry globally. The UK Government has set out to achieve an 80% reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2050. It is estimated that 25% of carbon emissions come from homes and a further 17% from non-domestic buildings, so a decision was been made to improve energy efficiency in every household.

But why are considering embodied carbon and carbon during occupancy so important? How can the construction industry make an impact?

What is addressed in this carbon CPD?​

Although balconies only make up a small proportion of a building envelope, carbon reduction in balconies can help reduce overall heat loss and carbon footprint of a building. This will help the industry contribute to the UK Government’s goals

In this CPD we explore the present industry challenges and provide a breakdown of each carbon type and explore why each is important, key considerations for that type, and provide practical steps for reduction of each; embodied, occupational, and operational. We also explore key considerations necessary when selecting suppliers to provide low-carbon balconies.

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