What did we bring to London Build 2023?

From famous faces to innovative ideas, London Build was a showcase of all things new to construction!

We’ve packed the stand away for another year and travelled back to headquarters. It’s time to reflect on what a success London Build 2023 was and showcase exactly what we brought to it. From cutting-edge technology to our unwavering commitment to sustainability, we were thrilled to showcase the best of our innovations. Let’s dive into the highlights!

The Next Generation Suite

At the heart of our exhibition was the presentation of our Next Generation Balcony. Designed to redefine outdoor living, this innovative balcony solution offers a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Visitors had the chance to experience firsthand how our balconies are shaping the future of architectural design.

The benefits of our Next Generation suite are exciting and tangible – it’s lighter than ever, safer for installers, has more possibilities for both aesthetics and connection methods and is kinder for the construction industry. We’ve managed to lower our embodied carbon by an impressive 19% across stages A1-A5.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond products, we showcased our Vision 2030 document, a testament to our long-term goals and commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. Our participation in the science-based target initiative (STBi) underscores our dedication to aligning our business practices with environmental responsibility and in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Visitors got a firsthand look at how we are actively shaping a sustainable future by creating bespoke environmental product declarations (EPDs) for all of our products, by encouraging the use of electric vehicles and through quarterly charitable giving.

More Possibilities Than Ever

One of the highlights of our time at London Build was the promotion of our new and extensive customization options. We believe in offering our customers more than just a product; we offer a tailored experience to your project. From new balustrade options to innovative Cassette designs, the possibilities are endless. Patterned vertical bars, the Identité Balustrade, the Crescent Corner®, and our Clip-On® connection were just a few of the exciting options on display, totalling over 4 million unique combinations.

With our new Clip-On® connection, we’ve even been able to reduce moment forces back to the building as low as 4kNm, making it a lighter, more sustainable option.

Reduced Embodied Carbon

As a company committed to reducing our environmental footprint, we were proud to share a significant achievement. Across stages A1-A5, we have successfully reduced our CO2 emissions by an impressive further 19% compared to our previous low-carbon balcony product. This milestone reflects our dedication to sustainable practices and the ongoing effort to make a positive impact on the planet.

London Build 2023 was an incredible platform for us to share our latest innovations and our unwavering commitment to sustainability. From groundbreaking balcony solutions to pioneering installation methods and a bevy of customization options, we hope our exhibition left a lasting impression. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the construction industry, we express our gratitude to all who visited our booth and joined us on this exciting journey toward a more sustainable and innovative future.

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