Sapphire announces world’s first magnetic balcony

It’s here – Sapphire’s game-changing new balcony connection system has entered the market, promising innovation in an area we previously didn’t assume was possible. Sapphire’s new MagicFix Magnetic Balconies are an ultra-low carbon solution, bypassing the need for anchors entirely as they simply Mag-On!



Here’s how Sapphire’s new system changes the playing field:

Fewer carbon emissions

Almost too good to be true, the reductions in carbon emissions through MagicFix Magnetic Balconies are enormous. Without the need for old-fashioned arm anchors, we’ve been able to reduce the embodied carbon present in modern balconies.

Furthermore, without needing to account for arm anchors, we’ve been able to reduce the material needed per balcony, reducing emissions involved in the fabrication and manufacture of our aluminium balconies.

Quicker installations

How do magnets work? Well, as far as balconies are concerned, they’re practically magic – that’s why we’ve called them MagicFix.

As far as the benefits go, we’ve introduced robots that’ll even fix the magnets for you. Installers need not worry any more about stepping out onto a balcony – our MagicFix robots will make sure the magnets do their job, all you’ll need to do is provide leadership for them!

A change of scenery

What’s more, MagicFix Magnetic Balconies are customisable beyond belief. Thanks to innovations made possible by Dr V. Cunning, the balcony end-user can switch out their view at a moment’s notice, using different balustrade types or even creating privacy from their neighbours if needed.

Our newest generation of balcony is the future that the industry has been looking for. The carbon emissions are lower, they can be installed quicker and they’re massively customisable. What’s not to love?

There’s even more you can learn about MagicFix Magnetic Balconies – the truth is just around the corner. Read our full reveal to find out more: