Recent Balcony Fires Put Government Regulations in the Spotlight

A recent spate of residential fires in buildings, several originating on balconies, have led to calls for further review of the Government’s fire safety regulations. Since the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, fire safety regulations have been under increasing scrutiny, with subsequent residential fires making headlines.

While a cloud of uncertainty remains over the existing combustible cladding ban, further calls are being made to extend the regulations below the 18M threshold. RIBA’s expert advisory group on fire safety chair, Jane Duncan, said recent fires show the government’s ban “may need to be extended” and called for sprinklers to be mandatory in all new and converted residential buildings.

This comes days after the Government’s announcement of a consultation into reducing the mandated fitting of sprinklers into buildings from the current 30M to 18M. A new Protection Board is also to be established to carry out tailored building inspections and provide expert advice in a bid to reassure residents in high-risk residential blocks.

To better understand the regulations surrounding combustible materials on building exteriors over 18M and how this affects balconies, book a fire CPD today.

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