Part M – New FAQ guidance for approved building regulation document

Wanting to know how regulations Part M effects balcony design? This page explorers the new FAQ guidance (in the context of balconies and balustrades) which relates to the approved document. Download the FAQ Part M document here in PDF.

From a balcony aspect, Part M FAQ guidance is in relation to steps on to a balcony (Category 2 – paragraph 2.21). Guidance is as follows:

Question: Is a step up into an inset balcony or roof terrace permissible when this is located above accommodation that needs to include insulation? Answer: Yes, Category 2 where there is a need to insulate inhabited areas below a balcony or terrace a step up of up to 225mm would be reasonable. This does not apply to Category 3.

When considering the design for inset balconies which are not above accommodation, rather than insulating and water proofing on top of a concrete slab, we would recommend that metal balconies are considered as part of the design in these scenario. Using thermally broken Glide-On anchors rather than having a continuous slab fully insulated can remove the need for a step and create a level threshold as common Part M requirements. This also makes drainage substantially easier than having to waterproof concrete balconies which brings a minefield of considerations etc.

Click here to download the governments new Part M FAQ guidance in PDF