London’s skyline set to change dramatically

A privately funded organisation has recently revealed that over 230 high-rise buildings are in the pipeline across London, with many already approved or currently under construction. Over the coming years there’s a lot going to change London’s skyline.

The plans, revealed by New London Architecture, have attracted fierce debate amongst many in the capital with vociferous support being seen on both sides of the divide. For some, worries are rife that poorly planned high-rise buildings could have a detrimental effect on the aesthetics of given areas whilst, for others, the fact that these plans may help to bring down house prices and ease the current housing crisis in the capital can only be seen as a good thing.

The figure is certainly high, with a significant number set to come in at over 50 storeys. However, whilst the plans may well have their detractors, those in the housing sector and those aware of the financial impact of facilitating London’s evolution as a centre of global commerce are extremely excited about the vast number of residences that will be included in the plan. Currently, around 80% of the planned high-rise constructions across London’s skyline will be residential.

The director of residential research at Savills supported the plans, citing the fact that planned residential construction in London is likely to fall far short of demand over the next few years as proof that high-rise construction is the answer. “We shouldn’t be scared of tall buildings,” she said. “We need to be building at higher densities to deliver the number of homes London needs. Tall residential blocks help achieve this, particularly near public transport nodes.”

Any change is always likely to have opposition, but the move to increase the amount of available housing in the capital remains vital if London is to remain a vibrant and growing city. Yet, one key point to consider is the importance of aesthetics in the capital. This gives architects a chance to prove the naysayers wrong by creating quality high-rise buildings that complement their surroundings and bring an added edge of style and class to an area.

At Sapphire Balustrades, we believe the inclusion of architectural features such as highly aesthetic balustrades and balconies will be vital in creating attractive and functional high-rise residences in the capital that will improve London’s skyline rather than detracting from it. Whilst many of these projects are iconic changes to London’s Skyline and bring many homes to the area, schemes will often be required to meet requirements like the London House Design Guide which need technical consideration of the products. Construction choices aside, Balconies are one of the few aspects of a building which can drastically alter the appearance of a building: it is adding aesthetic touches such as these to the buildings constructed during this proposed high-rise boom that will silence the critics and pave the way for more sustainable high-rise construction across the country.