10 Years of Change

Over the past 10 years, we’ve made some radical changes to the way balconies are manufactured and installed. Much like other revolutionary innovations in history, some have struggled to understand the vast improvement our Glide-On™ system offers.

In 2009 we produced traditional steel bolt-on balconies, but we found there was a range of problems and inefficiencies with this method. We’ve come a long way in 10 years and remedied a list of issues with traditional balcony systems.

Health and Safety

Traditional bolt-on balconies are affixed to the building from underneath meaning installers must stand under the live suspended-load until the balcony is secured in place.

Our Glide-On™ system is secured from inside the building from behind a protective barrier, preventing falls and other accidents as a result of an insecure load. This vastly improves health and safety standards on site and takes a weight off the mind of site management.

Speed of Install

Traditional installation methods move at a snail’s pace, installing an average of just 4-5 balconies per day.

Our Glide-On™ balconies have set records with 34 installations in only 6 hours.


Bolt-on balconies, whether manufactured on or off site, require drainage and soffits to be fitted after the balcony is installed, adding costly labour time to on-site works.

Our balconies arrive to site prefinished including soffits, drainage, balustrades and even partially fitted decking. All that’s needed on site after the simple Glide-On™ installation, is for the final decking boards to be secured in place.

Efficient Production

10 years ago, like other bolt-on balcony suppliers today, balconies would be welded together using standard steel sections.

Now, each balcony is produced in an assembly line with specially formed aluminium parts, ensuring factory controlled, quality processes.

The use of aluminium rather than steel cuts the weight of our balconies in half, without compromising on strength. This means they require fewer connections to secure them to the building which reduces the risk of cold bridging and damp.

Our specialised production method is also far more precise and more resource efficient delivering cost savings to our clients.


The change won’t end here! We invest in research and development at our Reading test facilities so we stay at the cutting edge of advancements in balconies.

So, where will we be in 2029 after another 10 years of change?

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