ESG in Balconies

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards are a set of guidelines used by a company to consider behaviours from a socially conscious perspective. Acting from a socially conscious perspective is incredibly important for a company that wants to demonstrate its values and consciously avoid preventable disasters.

Each aspect of ESG is intended to help communities to stay sustainable. Being socially considerate can help to prosper communities. Dealing closely with governance can help internal controls. Working from an ESG perspective can help to bolster conscious business and so Sapphire has become a steadfast supporter of ESG standards.

Environmental Impact

Considering your impact on the environment has never been more important than in today’s climate. Being aware of your processes and how they can have an impact on, either through harming or safeguarding, the environment should always be a major concern in whatever actions your company takes.

Sapphire has taken a sustainable approach when practising balcony design, manufacture, and installation. This can mean using our dedicated design tool COACH to consider the embodied carbon of a project at the design phase. COACH can assist in designing out unnecessary materials or simply help the design be manufactured and delivered to the installation site faster, reducing the fuel spent in delivery. Carbon reports are available at no extra cost to inform you of the carbon emissions your project has saved (or could save) with adjustments.

Social Impact

A modern company should take a social approach to their business. How does the company manage a relationship with their suppliers, their customers, or the communities in which it operates? Managing these relationships should be a priority in conducting yourself.

Since 1992, Sapphire has been firmly committed to supporting charities, improving standards within the balcony and construction industries, and has forged long-lasting and trusted relationships with our suppliers and our community. We work with our accredited installers to make sure a Sapphire balcony is installed to the highest standard on every project, and we work to innovate in the balcony and construction markets to keep our customers both happy and in possession of the quality products that they deserve. We operate as our motto suggests – Innovation to prosper the Community.


ESG can also oversee how a company governs itself. Being ethical and having good standards involves implementing policies, audits, and internal controls as an incredibly important way to make sure a company is operating morally, efficiently and correctly.

Sapphire has implemented a long list of controls to not only make sure the leadership team are knowledgeable but also that the balconies we ship out are rigid, ready, and right every time. Our innovative Passport system is a process we have introduced to make sure that every balcony coming out of our factories is checked thoroughly and passes a series of strict checks. By using Sapphire’s Passport system, we can ensure that every balcony arriving for installation on site has met our standards of delivery. This strict self-governance is important, and we strive to self-govern at every stage.

It’s important to remember that ESG impact is more than surface-level decision-making. Environmental impact is more than fancy statistics and claims but is about understanding how making changes to processes can have an impact on the environment. Social impact about people and communities, charity work, delivering and measuring the value that you put out. Governance is about internal mechanisms driving company behaviours towards sustainable solutions such as fully electric company cars or fundamentally improved quality control processes.

Being aware of ESG means that Sapphire can operate in a conscious, moral, and efficient way without compromising on the quality of the balcony that we deliver. By considering our impact on the environment, our carbon emissions, how we can work to prosper the community and keeping ourselves in check at every stage, we can keep our position as the reliable leaders we are known to be.

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