April Fools!

Here’s the truth…

We hope we gave you a good laugh for April Fools’ Day. No, we’ve not created the Cyber Balcony, but don’t dismiss everything just yet—some elements do hold a grain of truth.

Let’s delve into the details you might have missed in the video and how they share some similarities with our Next Generation balcony suite.

The Cyber Balcony’s unique shape is inspired by the versatile design possibilities of our Next Generation balconies. From our innovative Clip-On connection to the brand-new Identité Balustrades, our Next Generation suite features More Possibilities than ever.

Our commitment to sustainability is no joke. Our Next Generation suite of balconies are Kinder – using less material, making them Lighter and more sustainable than ever before.

While the Cyber Balcony itself might not be real, our commitment to rigorous testing is. From fire safety to weight capacity, we continuously push the limits of what our balconies can achieve. Rest assured, our Next Generation balconies are Safer.

And how about that claim of 0-62 balconies in just 3 hours? A little nod to our work at Bridge House, where we installed 62 balconies in a single day.

We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look – see you next year for more surprises!

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