Woodberry Down Phase 2 Block B

Client:   Berkeley Homes

Contractor:   Dantaag

Architect:   Hawkins Brown Limited

Location:   Finsbury Park, London

Balconies:   228

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Woodberry Down Phase 2 Block B is a housing development in Finsbury Park fitted with 228 of Sapphire’s cantilever Glide-On Cassette balconies and the opportunity for more housing in the area can only bolster the vibrant nature of the area itself.

In the heart of Harringay, Finsbury Park has a rich history of immigration and sport. Located near Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium, Finsbury Park benefits from a diverse culture of people from across the globe, open green spaces and opportunities for live music, such as London’s Wireless Festival.


Woodberry Down was presented with various challenges from the design stage. Firstly, due to a section of this project being designed to feature affordable housing, a slight design variance was required. The floor build-up in this section meant that the decking height was different and so the fascia element would have been inconsistent. Furthermore, one elevation on this project was a challenge due to a major tree in the way of the project and town planning not allowing this tree to be cut down.


To solve these challenges, several elements were included from both a design perspective and an installation perspective. To solve the challenge with differences in fascia elements, a screen-printed design feature was included on the balcony fascias to keep the design visually consistent across the building. Secondly, to avoid the elevation of the building where a major tree was an obstacle, Sapphire’s Glide-On™ Cassette® balconies were used, which when lifted could avoid the tree completely.

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