Suttons Wharf, Bethnal Green

Client:   Guinness Trust

Contractor:   Hollybrook Limited

Architect:   Burwell Deakins Architects Limited

Location:   Bethnal Green, East London

Balconies:   145 Cassettes® and balustrades for 59 inset balconies

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Suttons Wharf, an award-winning development of over 190 private homes in East London, where Sapphire installed 145 Glide-On™ balconies and provided glazed balustrades for 59 inset balconies. The project was a rapid build as the contractor managed the construction program very well. The customer for Suttons Wharf wanted solid ends to some of the balconies in addition to a thin slab build up.


For this project, we manufactured the balconies in advance and kept them in storage so the shipments could go in fast when the install happened. The deliveries to the site were optimised using our trailers which have the capacity to transport four pre-assembled balcony units stacked two high. To match the narrow floor slab depth, we used a closed Cassette®, many of which also had a custom made ’end box’ detail with aluminium cladding to the exterior, and decking on the inside.

Installation process

Step 1: We manufactured the balconies at its offsite production facility while balcony arms were fitted to the already cast-in Schoeck anchors.

Step 2: The balconies were kept in storage until required, allowed a faster shipment of units being received.

Step 3: When required on-site, the balconies were loaded onto our trailers which have the capacity to transport four pre-assembled balcony units.

Step 4: Once on-site, the balconies simply glided on to the pre-installed brackets.

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