Pomona Wharf, Trafford, Manchester

Client:   Rowlinson Construction

Contractor:   Rowlinson Construction

Architect:   Nicol Thomas Limited

Location:   Trafford, Manchester

Balconies:   112 Cassette® Balconies

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Challenges at Pomona Wharf

The Pomona Wharf project was built by Rowlinson Construction using modern construction methods, with all the wall panels being manufactured off-site with an RC frame and then simply installed on the building. The key requirement for us on this project was to fit with the short program and help reduce costs of balcony install.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) is an ingenious way of tackling the modern housing crisis and saving on cost, without compromising on quality. Offsite modular construction allows the elements of a building to be constructed to the high standards expected of a controlled assembly line environment while also being significantly faster and more efficient.


To ensure a perfect blend with the construction program, we manufactured and stored all the pre-assembled balcony at our Winchester production facility allowing balconies to be delivered to site as required in the install sequence minimising wait times and to maintain the schedule.

Installation process

Step 1: The scheme used cast-in Shoeck anchors to provide a thermal break and Sapphire’s brackets connected directly to these, taking the bracket from the thermal break within the cavity to outside of the finished façade.

Step 2: Sapphire manufactured Cassette® balconies for Pomona Wharf at its Winchester production facility.

Step 3: Preassembled and complete balconies were delivered on-site ready for the install team.

Step 4: The balconies were simply glided onto the pre-installed brackets, with installers inside the building, securing the Cassettes® to the brackets, top down.

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