Greenwich Peninsula, M114/115

Client:   Knight Dragon

Contractor:   Wates

Location:   Greenwich, South East London

Balconies:   280 Cassettes®

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The project at Greenwich Peninsula M114/115 had various balcony requirements and balcony structures in order to diversify the 400 properties which were arranged in 10 multi-occupancy buildings. There were issues with access from the apartments which meant that the install became out of sequence. It also resulted in a much higher need for health and safety risk accessing.


We produced the balconies in advance and stored them until required. This was advantageous as the flexibility of supply aided the changing installation sequence. The balconies were transported from storage, on Sapphire’s double stack trailers, minimising transport carbon emissions and costs. Once on-site the innovative counter balance, developed exclusively by Sapphire, allowed balconies to be installed under other balconies so it could work out of sequence and still stay on programme.

Installation process

Step 1: Designing in lightweight aluminium Cassette® balconies meant that less movement forces, and therefore less deflection, would be applied to balcony connections. The balconies and balustrades were designed and to comply with regulations, industry standards and British Standards.

Step 2: Sapphire manufactured balconies for Greenwich Peninsula at its Winchester production facility. These were then stored there until required on site.

Step 3: Off-site production enabled the factory-finished Cassette® balconies to be delivered to site, ready for installation. Most were delivered to site on
Sapphire’s double stacking trailers.

Step 4: The Glide-On™ balcony Cassette® enabled the balconies to be installed beneath others giving the flexibility to deliver balconies at higher levels, leaving surrounding areas for installation at later dates once other trades have finished.

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