Baltimore Wharf

Client:   Galliard Homes

Contractor:   CJ O'Shea Group Limited

Architect:   Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Location:   Isle of Dogs, London

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Baltimore Wharf remains to date the largest project in Sapphire’s history. We supplied and installed over 10,000 panels for the balustrading and the glass floors for the balconies. The building stretches 450 feet into Canary Wharf’s skyline comprising of 45 storeys containing 366 residential units, a street front café by the water and triple-height penthouse restaurant.

The tower has since won the ‘Best Residential High-Rise Architecture’ award from the International Property Awards 2017 and is a landmark for luxury living, featuring proudly in our portfolio.


This project presented logistical challenges largely due to the scale of the operation and the volume of glass panels to be delivered and installed. It was essential for the client to be able to rely on and trust the supplier of the balustrades to deliver on their promises at each stage of the project to avoid costly delays.

This project also presented a unique challenge and opportunity for us as the client wanted to avoid the use of scaffolding due to the unusual shape of the building.


To overcome the logistical challenges strict supply management was essential, allowing us to meet the exacting schedules at Baltimore Wharf. Close control of stock levels of key components and close contact with the main contractor meant that by the end of June 2015, 600 tonnes of glass had been installed, reaching level 23 of the building. The remainder of the glass needed to complete the project was kept safely stored ready for call off as needed, ensuring consistency and continuity of product across the entire installation.

Our installation team and the main contractor worked in tandem to optimise deliveries to site and the use of the cranes to maximise program efficiency. This close cooperation and coordination helped to keep the project free from delays and in harmony with the needs on site.

To overcome the challenge posed by the unique shape of the building we developed an innovative Sapphire shroud. The shroud wrapped around each storey allowing all trades to work from within the building without the need for fall arrest. The shroud creeped up the building exterior revealing completed balustrading floor-by-floor until it reached a final height of 150m and the entire building took its final shape.

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