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Keeping Ahead of COVID-19

The recent news about the COVID-19 pandemic has been at the forefront of minds throughout the industry as it transforms all of our working and personal lives. At Sapphire we value the welfare of staff, our clients and supply chain above all else.

Read our Full COVID Statement

Our clear vision has enabled us to focus on technology as an accelerator within the industry. With this in mind, we have invested a lot over the recent years in IT for our supply chain management, customer reporting and staff pre-COVID. This means staff were easily able to transition to remote working.

Our focus on innovation and exploring new ideas rapidly has increased our efficiency dramatically whilst not losing touch with our end goals. This has led to us being a very agile company.

Increasing Our Giving

During the present crisis, we are committed to continuing to give to charities throughout the UK including, NHS Together Charities, Rapid Relief Team, The Lighthouse Club, and staff supporting individuals in their communities.

The Lighthouse Club, in particular, is very close to our hearts as it supports construction workers and their families. This includes their dedication to the Construction Industry Helpline which provides access to a portfolio of support services including financial aid.

Staff are continuing to volunteer to help individuals in need. Learn more about what we are doing to support charities during the crisis.

Lockdown Learning

The present lockdown provides a great opportunity to increase your learning. We have launched our ResiBuild Virtual series “Lockdown Learning”. Within the series, we cover a range of topics, from wellbeing, external envelope, digital as an accelerator and how MMC is the thurst behind construction.

For every attendee, we will also donate £1 to The Lighthouse Club

Book now to attend our live events:

Financial Security

Our business model has been designed with risk management at its core.

Thanks to our offsite manufacture and Rigid.Ready.Right. guarantee our clients can rest assured that their balconies will be ready for delivery whenever sites need them. Balconies are stored in Third Party Logistics enabling us to continue to deliver balconies to site throughout the crisis.

Sapphire owners have been building a reserve of capital for a number of years to prepare for crises such as this. In addition, we have credit insurance on all our clients.

Through site closures and changing government guidelines we will be there to support in any way we can, including ensuring your balconies are ready and waiting.

Supply Chain

At Sapphire balconies are made in advance of customer deadlines.

Our final manufacture and assembly are across 4 separate supply-partners in various locations in England which means that a crisis like covid-19 in one part of the country or at one of our plants does not affect our total output. Production is monitored daily allowing us to switch manufacture between plants within a short space of time. This reduces the risk of Just In Time Manufacturing.

Thanks to our offsite manufacture our balconies are ready for call off for our customers. This means active projects are not hindered by the impact of COVID-19 on our workforce. Reducing projects delays.

Supplies are secured 2-3 months in advance of manufacture.

Supporting Our Customers

By maintaining close connections with our partners, we can mitigate disruption and ultimately cushion our clients from any changes. Hear what some of our customers have said: